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Okay, so this is about "me"!

Do you realize that this is not easy to do, to write about oneself? I do not know where to begin or what to tell you beside the typical information. For instant, I am a proud mother of two grown & married children; two beautiful daughters.  I am happily married to the man who loves me beyond words. We have two hounds. I am "Nana" to my two grand children girls. 

All of the above is true but I want to spice the "info" up with my personality! So, Where do I start? I remember some of the lessons from my high school days while learning to write a report one must begin by answering the "five questions"! The five questions were the Who, What, When, Where and Why, and let us not forget  How!

Let's Get started!

~Well, that would be me! that was pretty easy! Okay there is more to me than that! I am known as Karrieann. Yes, there is a song called "Hey Carrie Anne" sang by The Hollies and no I was not named after that! I am older (not much older) than the song! I mentioned that I am Nana to two granddaughters but I call them something else. I refer them as my Lil' Angels. In my eyes they are perfect whether their mom agrees or not. To my hubby, I am his faithful friend and love of his life. To our hounds: a Beagle and a Basset Hound I am Momma. That is me, which only covers a portion of who I am.

~What what? Oh! What do I do? I pretty much do what I want to do! I do various things! I like to do many type of crafts! It keeps me active and productive. It is a long list of what I like to do and here we go for starters! Crocheting, Embroidery & Needlework, Tatting, Sewing, Quilting, Baking Bread, Doll Making, Decorating, Canning & Preserving , Basket Weaving, Jewelry Making, Bead Work, Paper Craft and there is more but they escape me at the moment. Someday, if they come to me, I will add them to this list!

~Interesting question for this! Then? Now? Later? Well, "then" was then and it is done. Remember important events! Remember the lessons learned. Remember where you began. Remember special family! "Now" is present. I am in my home, being with my hounds and hubby. The t.v. is on in the background with Christmas shows playing as I write stuff into this blog of mine. Later? Who knows what tomorrow will bring? I have no clue but I dream and plan for many possibilities! My motto about dreams... They're goals without a deadline!

~Here, There and Everywhere! My "here" is in Northeast Georgia of the U.S.A. I shall ponder about this question more and come back to add more to this.

~I shall apply that question to this blog! Why create and do this blog? I'll begin with a bit of a history! Many months ago, I tried my luck at entering some giveaways. Some I won and some I did not.  The very first giveaway that I won was the Naturally Nora All Natural Baking Mixes! The link will take you to my "other" blog and the post that I wrote about it!  I continued to enter in the giveaways and began to read the reviews that goes along with these giveaways. I was having fun even if I did not win anything. It has been about 4 months now that I have been trying to win some other giveaways. I have won household cleaning products;books; DVDs; a doll; tatting shuttles; chocolates; memory foam pillows; craft books; soy melts; 2012 planner; games; a gift card for Amazon; and coupons just to name a few. It has brighten my day when my mailbox is filled with surprises.  Many bloggers out there have all kinds of reviews & giveaways.  I wanted to do this too! I sort of started to do a giveaway or two at my personal blog. Then a thought occurred to me. In time the reviews and giveaways could clutter the personal blog. That blog would lose it's purpose. This is how this blog "And Here's My Two Cents..." was born! I created this blog because I want to share my thought and opinions on things. I also like the excitement in giveaways. I get just as much of a enjoyment seeing someone else win! 

And lastly, How?
~ At first, I was jumping for any chances to do any reviews for any products that I could do. So far, the products that I have reviewed for have been good ones. I even did a review for another blog. You can see it here!  The very first giveaway that I did on here was a hand crocheted winter hat, to get this blog going.  While I was entering for the giveaways at various blogs, I noticed that each bloggers' had their own individual style and personality, their layouts and other things on the blogs. They even gear their reviews and giveaways to a sort of theme or interest. For Instant, some are geared for new mothers and the products being reviewed are helpful to them. Some blogs are for readers, those reviews are about books that are read. Health products; jewelry; clothing accessories; toys; education; there are so many kinds of products that are available to read about with information which will help you to decide if you want to try them or not. I have decided that I want to review products that are more of an interest to me and not of things that are not. I am not interested in knowing or comparing about cloth diapers, my children are grown.  Although they are great for the economy and eco-friendly! There would be no use for me to do reviews for beauty products. I simply just do not wear them. The type of products that I would like to do reviews for are things such as toys and educational things that are geared for fun and learning. As "Nana" that is important to me for my Lil Angels. Healthy alternatives of snacks or foods (that are low-carbs) for health reasons; crafts; sewing; hobbies (these are my cup of tea!); and Christian products. I like to read. I like to decorate my home with things that I can make or collect for it. I hope that by reviewing and sharing my opinions on the things that you and I might like or find interesting, and thereby making it easier for both you and I to find products which we would want to use or if we even needed a particular product, then we could come to know the value of a particular product, and more importantly, if we really do want or need them. In this economy, it is important (at least I think so) to know the value of things and the quality of them! This is how I hope that my reviews will be helpful. I will be honest with my "Two Cents"!