Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Beginning and My First Giveaway!

Welcome to my newly launched blog
especially made for reviews and giveaways!

A new blog but not a new blogger!
At my personal blog "...Following My Heart and Jesus", I wrote about random things in my little world. Then I started to enter in various giveaways. I'd win some and lose some. I even found them to be educational and fun, even relaxing! The educational aspect of reviews and giveaways is learning about products that may be new or unfamiliar but then I was curious to learn more. While waiting with anticipation, it was fun, and still is, whether I won or not. In winning a few things from the giveaways, it gave me the opportunities to try things that I wanted to know more about and share my two cents to those who would be interested in my opinions of what I thought.

I even blogged about my first win in a giveaway that was hosted by Sugar Pop Ribbons' blog.
What I had won was several boxes of baking mixes from "Naturally Nora's All Natural Baking Mixes". If you would like to read about it, please feel free to go here where I shared information about my experience with the mixes including a lesson learned. I captured each step by step process with pictures for your eyes to feast on!

Over time, I received some more things in my mailbox from other giveaways that I entered. It occurred to me that my posts of reviews about various products may get lost or cluttered in my personal blog and I wanted to share my thoughts about them. Then the idea of this blog "And Here's My Two Cents..." was born! Sure, it is a common phrase and often used by many. The only difference is that, this one, comes with my "sunny" attitude and opinions!

The timing of this newly launched blog about reviews and giveaways could not have been any better! I get to celebrate a milestone at my personal blog and a new beginning with this one! I have just blogged my 100th post on ...Following My Heart and Jesus!  I want to do something special for that milestone! So, I am having my first giveaway on this blog!

Would you like to know what I am giving away? Yeah? Cool!
But wait! Just some basic information for you to know about with the elements or programs that will be used for this and any future giveaways in and on this blog "And Here's My Two Cents...".

I will be using the "Rafflecopter" widget for all of the giveaways from "" and the "True Random Number Generator" by  "" for the drawings of the entries.

If You are new with using the Rafflecopter, here are few pointers:
--- For the first entry of each giveaway, you will need to qualify your entry by being a public follower via GFC (Google Friend Connect). This task must be completed first, before doing extra entries, please.
---Each entry has "DO IT: Click for Instructions", click it open to read the instruction(s). This will help you to know what task is needed to be completed for that entry.
---When entering your e-mail with-in the Rafflecopter form,  please be sure that it is correct. If it is incorrect, the entry will not be counted.

Okay! Are you ready?
Now on to what brought you here!
The giveaway!

The offering for this giveaway is a hand-crocheted Scandinavian Style Winter Hat with an adorable crocheted flower attached on the right front side. I created this hat using Mary Maxim "Starlette" Worsted Weight Yarn in Dark Amethyst, Light Willow and Natural colors. My grandmother used these yarns for a sweater that she knitted for me; but that is another story! There were plenty left overs for me to create a hat to go with my sweater for myself. After that, I was amazed that there were still more yarn to use up. It was then I decided to do another one for this special giveaway! The colors are beautiful and this picture DOES NOT do it justice! It really is hard to capture purples and blues properly with a pocket digital!

Product Information:
This yarn is 4-ply 100% ultra soft acrylic. The hat is machine washable and dryable. The hat is size adult medium to large. This was made in a smoke-free home but Abigail the Beagle and Mr. Peabody the Basset Hound do live in this home which I make no apologies for.  :o)

Hand crocheted Scandinavian Style Hat with a Flower
...made by me personally! 
Close- up shot of the flower,
which is located on the "right" front side

Please, You must be 18 years or older and this giveaway is open to residents of USA and Canada.

***If you do not see the "Rafflecopter" widget, please click on "Read more" below. 

Thank you and good luck.


  1. Hi, Karrieann! This is a fun blog you've started!

  2. Love-Love-Love it! Thanks Karrieann!!!!

  3. Hmmm...the last thing on the entry form is to add your button to my blog, but... I can't find your button!

  4. Thank you for making such a loving ha for us readers. God Bless and keep you and yours safe.

    tes 1283 yahoo

  5. WOW what a beautiful hat! You did an AMAZING JOB!!

  6. thanks for the giveaway - beautiful!
    robinlscott4 at hotmail dot com

  7. Great giveaway! I hope this blog does as well as your other :)

    (I want to let you know that you may not have gotten as many Facebook fans as you were hoping because there's an error when you click the "like" button in the widget and at the bottom of your blog page. I finally had to search for your page on Facebook to be able to like it.)

  8. Thank you for the chance to win and be a part of your life and that of your grandma's through the yarn that made the hat :-)

  9. great giveaway. This would look cute on my 10 year old daughter. And never be sorry bout your pups :)

  10. Thanks for hosting this giveaway. I didn't enter because I have a boy so I figured I wouldn't take the chance away from others!

    But I did follow you via GFC. Please follow back!
    Also, I'm interested in hosting do I even get started?!

  11. Very cute - thanks for the chance!